Reverse Mortgage Loans


Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage Loan

  • No more monthly mortgage payments*, have more money every month
  • Tax-free loan proceeds (consult your tax advisor)
  • You own/keep your home-yes that’s right, you still own it like you always have
  • HECM loans are federally insured by the US Government
  • Eliminate monthly credit card and other debts
  • Delay your social security benefits start date, increasing your monthly SS amount
  • Flexible Loan Payment Options: Lump Sum, Monthly Payments or Growing Line of Credit

*Borrower remains responsible for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, maintaining the property, and otherwise complying with the loan terms.

Qualification is Simple and Easy

  • You must be age 62 or older; your non-borrowing spouse may be under age 62
  • Own your home (either free & clear or with an existing loan on it)
  • Occupy your home as your primary residence

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